Yale Frontier Fields Workshop
Shedding light on the dark ages and dark matter

November 12-14, 2014 | New Haven, CT

Workshop Schedule

Wednesday, November 12

7:45 & 8:15 AM Shuttle Bus Downtown Hotels to Greenberg Center
8:00 AM Breakfast served at Greenberg Conference Center
9:00 AM Opening RemarksPieter van Dokkum and Meg Urry
The Distant Universe (Session Chair: Gus Evrard)
9:15 AMMatt Mountain Introduction
9:25 AM Jennifer Lotz The Frontier Fields: Past, Present and Future (pdf)
9:45 AM Anton Koekemoer The HST Frontier Fields: Science Data Products, and First Data Releases (pdf)
10:00 AM Priyamvada Natarajan Cosmology with cluster-lenses: first results from HFF (pdf)
10:20 AM Coffee Break
The Distant Universe (cont.) (Session Chair: Priyamvada Natarajan)
10:50 AMJames Bullock Did faint galaxies reionize the universe? (pdf)
11:10 AMPascal Oesch Probing Galaxy Build-up at the Cosmic Dawn in the Frontier Field Era (pdf)
11:30 AM Dan Coe High-Redshift Predictions and Early Results from the Frontier Fields (pdf)
11:50 AM Wei Zheng The Role of Cosmic Lenses in the Search for Most Distant Galaxies (pdf)
12:05 PM Poster Presentations
12:40 PM WelcomeTamar Gendler, Dean of the Faculty at Yale
12:50 PM Lunch break
The Distant Universe (cont.) (Session Chair: Dan Coe)
2:20 PM Hakim Atek Probing the Epoch of Reionization with the Hubble Frontier Fields Clusters (pdf)
2:35 PM Rachael Livermore Uncovering the first galaxies in the Frontier Fields (pdf)
2:50 PM Steve Finkelstein The Blank Field Luminosity Function: Constraints on the Faint-End Slope with CANDELS+HUDF+HFF Parallels (pdf)
3:05 PM Rychard Bouwens Galaxies in the z=4-8 Universe: How observations from the new Hubble Frontier Fields Program add to the knowledge already gained from the HUDF (pdf)
3:20 PM Kuang-Han Huang Reionization-Era Galaxies in Deep IRAC Images: Lessons from SURFS UP (pdf)
3:35 PM Austin Hoag Focusing the Frontier Fields with SWUnited (pdf)
3:50 PM Coffee Break
The Distant Universe (cont.) (Session Chair: Jennifer Lotz)
4:20 PM Ryota Kawamata The sizes of z ~ 6-8 lensed galaxies from the data of Abell 2744 (pdf)
4:35 PM Nicolas Laporte Combining HST, Spitzer, VLT, ALMA and Magellan data to explore the boundaries of the Universe (pdf)
4:50 PM Kasper Schmidt HST Grism Spectroscopy of the HFF with GLASS: Ly╬▒ emitters at z > 6 (pdf)
5:05 PM Tucker Jones GLASS: spatially resolved spectroscopy of lensed galaxies in the HFF (pdf)
5:20 PM Panel DiscussionCurrent status: Lotz, Postman, Capak, Evrard
6:05 PM Adjourn
6:05 PMPoster ViewingRooms 18 and 19, Greenberg Center
6:35 PMDrinksUpper Lobby, Greenberg Center
7:00 PMWorkshop DinnerFormal Dining Room, Greenberg Center
8:40 PMAfter Dinner TalkMatt Mountain
9:00 & 9:30 PMShuttle Bus from Greenberg Center to Downtown Hotels

Thursday, November 13

7:45 & 8:15 AM Shuttle Bus Downtown Hotels to Greenberg Center
8:00 AM Breakfast served at Greenberg Conference Center
The Distant Universe (cont.) (Session Chair: Jean-Paul Kneib)
9:00 AM Johan RichardSpectroscopic surveys in the Frontier Field clusters (pdf)
9:20 AM Wouter KarmanMUSE integral-field spectroscopic observations towards the Frontier Fields Cluster Abell S1063 (pdf)
9:35 AM Brian SianaFinding and Understanding Dwarf Galaxies at the Peak Epoch of Star Formation (pdf)
9:55 AMFranz Erik BauerA view of Abell 2744 through mm-tinted glasses (pdf)
10:15 AM Steven RodneySupernovae and Explosive Transients in the Frontier Fields (pdf)
10:35 AMCoffee Break
Cluster Masses, Gases, and Clashes (Session Chair: Marc Postman)
11:05 AM Mathilde JauzacHubble Frontier Fields : Mass modeling and estimation of two of the most massive lenses down to the percent precision (pdf)
11:25 AM Keren SharonLessons learned from modeling the HFF: on the importance of constraints and assumptions for model uncertainties (pdf)
11:45 AM Adi ZitrinLight-Traces-Mass vs. Analytical Lens Modeling: the effect on the mass, shear and magnification maps, and on the high-z luminosity function (pdf)
12:05 PM Anna MonnaConstraining the galaxy mass content in the core of clusters like A383: the impact of using velocity dispersion measurements (pdf)
12:20 PM Mireia MontesIntra-Cluster Light at the Frontier: Abell 2744 (pdf)
12:35 PM Lunch break
Cluster Masses, Gases, and Clashes (cont.) (Session Chair: Stella Steiz)
2:05 PMChristine Jones-Forman(Chandra observations of the 6 FF clusters) (pdf)
2:25 PMGeorgiana OgreanA Multiwavelength View of the HST Frontier Cluster MACSJ0416.1-2403 (pdf)
2:40 PMFelipe Andrade-SantosChandra and JVLA observations of the HST Frontier Cluster MACSJ0717 (pdf)
2:55 PMJack SayersA measurement of the velocity sub-structure in MACS J0717.5 using the kinetic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect (pdf)
3:10 PMJulian MertenNew wide-field optical imaging and Bolocam SZ data for Abell 2744 (pdf)
3:25 PMCoffee Break
Theory / Future Work on the Full Frontier Fields Datasets (Session Chair: Neta Bahcall)
3:55 PMMatthieu SchallerThe mass and internal structure of halos in a LCDM simulation including the effects of baryons. (pdf)
4:10 PMChervin LaporteThe re-distribution of matter in the cores of galaxy clusters (pdf)
4:25 PMCamille AvestruzTesting Observations of Galaxy Cluster Outskirts with Cosmological Simulations (pdf)
4:40 PMRogier Windhorst (JWST lensing) (pdf)
5:00 PMJean-Paul Kneib The challenges of the Hubble Frontier Field Initiative (pdf)
5:20 PMPanel DiscussionFuture prospects: Bahcall, Mountain, Seitz, Windhorst
6:05 PMAdjourn
6:15 & 6:45 PMShuttle Bus from Greenberg Center to Downtown Hotels

Friday, November 14

7:45 & 8:15 AM Shuttle Bus Downtown Hotels to Greenberg Center
8:00 AM Breakfast served at Leitner Planetarium (next door to Greenberg Conference Center)
Gravitational Lens Modeling (Session Chair: Priyamvada Natarajan and Dan Coe)
9:00 AMLiliya WilliamsCluster Mass Reconstruction using GRALE, form-free genetic algorith based method (pdf)
9:15 AM Traci JohnsonFocusing cosmic telescopes: modeling the strong lensing in Frontier Fields clusters and simulations (pdf)
9:30 AM Jose Maria DiegoFree-form solutions for the HFF (pdf)
9:45 AM Daniel LamWSLAP+: free-form modeling of A2744 mass distribution
10:00 AM Anson D'AloisioThe Effect of Large-Scale Structure on the Magnification of High-Redshift Sources by Cluster-Lenses (pdf)
10:15 AM Coffee Break
Gravitational Lens Modeling (cont.)
10:45 AM Eric Jullo High precision cluster lensing modeling (pdf)
11:05 AM Massimo Meneghetti The FF Lens Modeling Comparison Project (pdf)
11:25 AM Discussion
12:10 PM Closing Remarks
12:30 PM Adjourn
12:40 PMNew Haven Pizza Lunch
1:40 PMShuttle Bus from Greenberg Center to Downtown Hotels