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Conference Program

NOTE: As there is no official poster session, we encourage all to visit the poster presenters during breaks and lunches. The posters will be in rooms 202 & 203.

Friday, October 26

08:00a: Registration (1st floor Lobby) and Breakfast (2nd floor common room); Poster set-up (202 & 203)
09:00a: Welcome, conference opening (Lecture Hall)

Session A: The First Stars

Michael Norman, Chair

09:15: REVIEW: The First Stars and Galaxies: Basic Theoretical Framework (Avi Loeb)
09:55: REVIEW: Probing the First Sources of Light with the JWST (Massimo Stiavelli)
10:35: TARGETED: Simulating the Formation of the First Stars (Thomas Greif)
10:55: Break (2nd floor); Posters (202 & 203)
11:30: TARGETED: Formation of the First Black Holes (Zoltan Haiman)
11:50: TARGETED: Role of Magnetic Fields (Matt Turk)
12:10: TARGETED: Transition to Population II (Simon Glover)
12:30: Lunch (2nd floor common room); Posters (202 & 203)

Session B: The Heydays of Cosmic Star Formation (SF at z~2-3)

Jeremiah Ostriker, Chair

13:40: REVIEW: SF at its prime: Observations (Pieter van Dokkum)
14:20: REVIEW: SF at its prime: Theoretical Modeling (Romeel Davé)
15:00: TARGETED: Co-evolution of Black Holes and Galaxies (Andrés Escala)
15:20: Break (2nd floor); Posters (202 & 203)
16:00: TARGETED: Testing the Cold Accretion Paradigm (Dusan Keres)
TARGETED: Dust properties of early galaxies (Eli Dwek)
16:40: TARGETED: Winds and Outflows (Sylvain Veilleux)
17:00: Meeting end. Shuttle bus to conference hotels will leave shortly after meeting end [Courtyard Marriott then New Haven Hotel].
18:00: Shuttle bus begins pickup at hotels (depart 18:00 Courtyard Marriott, then depart New Haven Hotel 18:15) to take to banquet.

Social Program:

18:30: Cocktail hour at Amarante's Sea Cliff
19:30: Banquet Dinner at Amarante's Sea Cliff

Saturday, October 27

08:00a: Breakfast (2nd floor common room); Posters (202 & 203)

Session C: Towards a Complete Picture of Galactic Star Formation

Guido Garay, Chair

09:00: REVIEW: Observations (Alyssa Goodman) SF Lit Summary
09:40: REVIEW: Theoretical Modeling (Mordecai-Mark Mac Low)
10:20: TARGETED: Early Protostellar Evolution (Michael Dunham and Stella Offner)
10:50: Break (2nd floor); Posters (202 & 203)
11:30: TARGETED: Binary Formation (Kaitlin Kratter)
11:50: TARGETED: Formation of Massive Stars (Ian Bonnell)
12:10: Lunch (2nd floor common room); Posters (202 & 203)

Session D: Bridging the Gap between Galactic and Extra-galactic Star Formation

Bruce Elmegreen, Chair

13:30: REVIEW: Theoretical Modeling (Mark Krumholz)
14:10: REVIEW: Observational Strategies (Neal Evans)
14:50: TARGETED: Star Formation in Galactic Disks (Eve Ostriker)
15:10: TARGETED: Star Formation in the Magellanic Clouds (Alberto Bolatto)
15:30: Break (2nd floor); Posters (202 & 203)
16:00: TARGETED: The Formation and Evolution of Massive Galaxies (Jeremiah Ostriker)
16:15: TARGETED: Universality of the IMF (Kevin Covey)
16:35: TARGETED: ALMA: Prospects and First Results (Dominik Riechers)
16:55: Conference Summary (Phil Myers)
17:15: Meeting adjourn