Yale/WIYN One Degree Imager Survey


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9:30: coffee, informal conversation

10:00: Welcome!!

10:10: ODI hardware status and schedule (D. Harbeck, WIYN)

10:30: ODI software & operations plans (P. Martin, WIYN)

10:50: The Yale/ODI Survey: Description, Management, Strawman Observing Plan (C. Bailyn, Yale)

11:30: Survey Science Topics I: Gravitational Lensing (I. Dell'Antonio, Brown)

11:45: Survey Science Topics II: Extragalactic Science (P. van Dokkum, Yale)

12:00 LUNCH!

1:15: Survey Science Topics III: Galactic Populations (M. Geha, Yale)

1:30: Survey Science Topics IV: Time Domain Science (C. Bailyn, Yale)1:45: Survey Science and Extensions I: Astrometry (T. Girard, Yale)

2:00: Survey Science and Extensions II: Halpha Extensions (J. Kenney, Yale)

2:15 break

2:45: Bits to Data (R. Lupton, Princeton)

3:00: SERVS (B. Becker, Davis)

3:15: CFHT Surveys (J-C Cuillandre, CFHT)

3:30: HETDEX (K. Gebhardt, Texas--Presentation given by R. Ciardullo, Penn State)

3:45: M31/M33 (L. Macri, Texas A&M)

4:00: breakout sessions

5:30: adjourn for day


9:00: Contributed talks (7 minutes + 3 minutes discussion)

10:30: breakout sessions continue

12:00: lunch

1:00: reports from breakout sessions and discussion

2:30: adjourn