Yale/WIYN One Degree Imager Survey Scientific Goals

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The primary scientific goals of the survey are designed to take advantage of the unique image quality and timing cadence of the survey. Many other science projects will be enabled as well. The raw images will be made available on the 18 month NOAO proprietary timescale, and other data products will be made available as part of regular data releases. All data and data products will eventually be made public.

The specific science projects to be executed as part of the survey are grouped into scientific areas, each of which has a science area leader. Within each science area, specific projects are led by project PIs. Scientific areas are listed below - click on each to read more, and to see the individual PI-led projects. We solicit additional PI projects with PIs from the WIYN consortium and from the wider astronomical community - if you are interested in leading such a project, please contact the relevant science area leader.

"Add-on" projects are not part of the survey, but are executed as part of the survey queue. We solicit additional add-on projects (using poor imaging data and/or providing observing nights from non-survey sources). Consult the survey PI for details.