Yale/WIYN One Degree Imager Survey Overview

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The WIYN One Degree Imager (ODI) is expected to produce image quality better by >~ 0.1" than any other existing or currently planned wide field imager. This improvement will be accomplished by the use of orthogonal transfer technology. The goal of the Yale/WIYN ODI survey is to take advantage of this new facility by carrying out a survey that will:

It is important to note that the Yale "survey" may in fact consist of a number of different projects carried out together. Thus we are imagining a "core" survey of fields all observed the same way; "extensions" to the survey pushing the limits in one or more of area, depth, filters, cadence in ways that benefit specific science goals; and "add-ons" which are projects not directly related to the survey proper, but which would benefit operationally if the data were obtained together with the survey data.

90 nights of time are already committed by Yale to this project (30/yr for the first three years of ODI operations) and we expect to apply to the Yale TAC for 60 additional nights (also in the first 3 years) following the completion of Yale's proposed purchase of nights from NOAO. Additional time may also be obtained from proposals to other partners (including NOAO) for extensions and additions to the survey. Modes of participation include all of the following:

If you would like to join the survey, please see here for more information.

Please also visit our Workshop page to register for our Yale/WIYN ODI Survey Workshop on October 2-3 at Yale University in New Haven, CT.