SPM Catalog 2.0

The Yale/San Juan Southern Proper Motion Catalog 2.0:
-25° to -40° Zones Plus Extended SGP

The SPM Catalog 2.0 contains the results of the Southern Proper Motion program (SPM) for the non-Galactic plane fields in the -25° to -40°  declination zones with an extended region around the South Galactic Pole.  The SPM, which will eventually cover the sky south of Dec. = -17°, includes absolute proper motions, positions, and B,V photographic photometry for stars in the magnitude range 5 < V < 18.5.  The proper motions are measured relative to external galaxies* and the positions are on the system of the ICRS via the Hipparcos/Tycho Catalog, (equinox 2000, epoch 1991.25).

This version of the Catalog represents a five-fold increase in areal coverage over the previous version, SPM 1.0, which encompassed a region around the SGP.  The SPM 2.0 includes all objects in the SPM 1.0, (although with slightly modified proper motions due to an improved treatment of the galaxy magnitude equation).  

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* (For one field, # 576, the lack of galaxies necessitated the use of the Hipparcos Catalog to set the absolute proper-motion system.)

Sky Coverage

sky coverage of SPM 2.0

The SPM 2.0 consists of 156 SPM fields, 6.3° x 6.3°, on 5-degree centers.  The fields included in Catalog version 2.0 are primarily those with field centers in the -25°, -30°, -35°, and -40° declination bands with slightly extended coverage near the South Galactic Pole (SGP).  Low Galactic latitude fields, (i.e., those in the zone of avoidance) are, in general, not included.  Positions, proper motions, and photometry are based on two pairs of plates per field; first- and second-epoch plate pairs in both blue and visual passbands.  Multiple measures have been combined in the Catalog to produce a single set of astrometric and photometric quantities for each object.  In the figure above, every 50th entry in the Catalog is plotted.

Catalog Statistics

sky coverage (sq. deg.)

           ~ 3700

magnitude range [approx.]


total # of objects


kinematic study stars [randomly selected]          


special catalog stars**


Hipparcos stars


Tycho stars [including Hipparcos]


galaxies [visually confirmed]


QSOs [tentative identification]


** The SPM input list includes:  randomly selected stars for the purpose of Galactic kinematic studies; reference stars required for the various astrometric and photometric reductions; galaxies for the determination of the proper-motion zero point; and stars from catalogs of special interest.

Other aspects of the Catalog:

Versions of the Catalog:

SPM Investigators

The SPM Team consists of Imants Platais, Vera Kozhurina-Platais, Terrence Girard, Carlos López, and René Méndez - all working tirelessly under the watchful eye of their fearless leader, William van Altena.

Any questions or problems concerning the SPM Catalog may be addressed to spm@astro.yale.edu


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