Latest Release

Paper: F. Spada, P. Demarque, Y.-C. Kim, T.S. Boyajian & J.M. Brewer, 2017, ApJ, 838, 161

This YaPSI grid is designed to provide a denser grid of masses than is usually available for the precise determination of stellar parameters, such as mass and radius, required in the characterization of exoplanet hosts. The evolutionary tracks and isochrones should also prove useful in applications to stellar populations and stellar physics. In particular, the tables provide basic data for the study of the rotational evolution of late-type stars, including internal moments of inertia, and convective overturn timescales in the envelope convection zone.

Evolutionary tracks and isochrones are presented for models in the range 0.15-5.00 M, for metallicities [Fe/H] = +0.3, 0.0, -0.5, -1.0, -1.5, and helium content by mass Y = 0.25, 0.28, 0.31, 0.34 and 0.38.

See README for details of input and output parameters.

Note that there are several DIFFERENCES between this grid and the initial grid (2013):