Op-Ed pieces

A list of all my published Op-Eds and New York Review of Books pieces with links can be found on the main page of my website. I blog for the Huffington Post fairly regularly so my posts can be found there directly as well.

Popular level articles

  • I wrote a fortnightly column on astronomy for the SciencePlus section of the Indian newspaper, Asian Age (2006 - 2008).
  • Co-authored commissioned article titled `The Dark Universe' with Martin Rees, for DISCOVER magazine (December 2003)
  • Authored popular level review article on gravitational lensing in The Icon Critical Dictionary of the New Cosmology, ed. Peter Coles, Icon Books Ltd., U. K. (December 1998)

Public Talks and Media (partial list!)

  • Invited Speaker at the Science Media Summit, Boston, 2014.
  • Invited talk at the Tallberg Forum, CERN, 2014.
  • Public talk at the Center For Inquiry, Cleveland, 2014.
  • Public talk at the Secret Science Club, New York, 2014.
  • Roundtable discussion on Women in Science at the Helix Institute, New York, 2014.
  • Public Talks at Cam Day in New York and San Francisco, 2013.
  • KITP Public Chalk Talk, 2013.
  • Cam Day Public Talk at the Computer Musuem, Silicon Valley, 2013.
  • Cam Day Public Talk at the CUNY Graduate Center, New York, 2013.
  • CASI Khemka Lecture, UPenn, 2013.
  • Public Talks, Morningside College, HongKong, 2013.
  • Invited Panelist at Yale Women Conference, Washington D.C. in April, 2013.
  • Featured in the NHK (Japanese Television Series) on black holes, 2013.
  • Featured on the Little Atoms Radioshow, U.K., 2012.
  • Featured on Science Odyssey, 2011.
  • Featured on NPR's Where we live with John Dankosky, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.
  • Invited Panelist "Feminism Then and Now" at the Radcliffe Day Celebrations on May 28, 2010.
  • Featured in a documentary series titled `Matter and Beyond' produced by Everest Productions LLC that was aired on eBRU TV in the Fall of 2008
  • Featured in a segment on mentoring in a documentary produced by the Harvard University Provost's Office
  • Yale iTunes lecture on Mapping dark matter in the Universe (September 2007), now ranked 20th amongst the Top 20 iTunesU lectures
  • Speaker at the Science Saturdays series at Yale University, the streaming video link is here (April 2005)
  • Organizer of a panel discussion titled `Beginnings and Endings' at the International Festival of Arts and Ideas in New Haven (June 2004)
  • Interviewed on NPR and WUNH


  • Member of the Advisory Board of SCIENCENOW at NOVA, WGBH Boston
  • Featured in Science News, the New Haven Register, Mercury, New Scientist, Sky and Telescope and DISCOVER magazine
  • Profiled in the BBC Series titled `Stephen Hawking's Universe' in the episode on dark matter.
  • Work featured in many media websites, blogs including ArsTechnica.com, ScienceDaily, The Future of Things, SpaceDaily.com, Dynamics of Cats, Analogsf.com, spaceref.com, Innovations report.com, Thaindian News, Physorg.com, Intute.com, Starstryder.com, Sci-tech-archive.net, esciencenews.com, shvoong.com, Universetoday.com, Redorbit.com, International reporter.com, upi.com, scientificblogging.com, dailygalaxy.com, newsvine.com, science.slashdot.org