Astrometry for Astrophysics: Methods, Models and Applications

William F van Altena, Editor

Table of Contents

Preface (W. van Altena)


Part 1: Astrometry in the 21st Century
Ch 01: Opportunities and Challenges for Astrometry in the 21st Century (M. Perryman)
Ch 02: Astrometric Satellites (L. Lindegren)
Ch 03: Ground-Based Opportunities for Astrometry (N. Zacharias)

Part 2: Foundations of Astrometry and Celestial Mechanics
Ch 04: Vectors in Astrometry, an Introduction (L. Lindegren)
Ch 05: Relativistic Principles of Astrometry and Celestial Mechanics (S. Klioner)
Ch 06: Celestial Mechanics of the N-body Problem (S. Klioner)
Ch 07: Celestial Coordinate Systems and Positions (N. Capitaine & M. Stavinschi)
Ch 08: Fundamental Algorithms for Celestial Coordinates and Positions (P. Wallace)

Part 3: Observing Through the Atmosphere
Ch 09: The Earth’s Atmosphere: Refraction, Turbulence, Delays and Limitations to Astrometric Precision (W. van Altena & E. Fomalont)
Ch 10: Astrometry with Ground-Based Diffraction-Limited Imaging (A. Ghez)
Ch 11: Optical Interferometry (A. Glindemann)
Ch 12: Radio Interferometry (E. Fomalont)

Part 4: From Detected Photons to the Celestial Sphere
Ch 13: Geometrical Optics and Astrometry (D. Schroeder)
Ch 14: CCD Imaging Detectors (S. Howell)
Ch 15: Using CCDs in the Time-Delay Integration Mode (D. Rabinowitz)
Ch 16: Statistical Astrometry (A. Brown)
Ch 17: Analyzing Poorly-Sampled Images: HST Imaging Astrometry (J. Anderson)
Ch 18: Image Deconvolution (J. Núñez)
Ch 19: From Measures to Celestial Coordinates (Z.-H. Tang & W. van Altena)
Ch 20: Astrometric Catalogs: Concept, History and Necessity (C. López)
Ch 21: Trigonometric Parallaxes (G. Benedict & B. McArthur)

Part 5: Applications of Astrometry to Topics in Astrophysics
Ch 22: Galactic Structure Astrometry (R. Méndez)
Ch 23: Binary and Multiple Stars (E. Horch)
Ch 24: Binaries: HST, Hipparcos and Gaia (D. Pourbaix)
Ch 25: Star Clusters (I. Platais)
Ch 26: Solar System Astrometry (F. Mignard)
Ch 27: Extrasolar Planets (A. Sozzetti)
Ch 28: Astrometric Measurement and Cosmology (R. Easther)


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