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William van Altena

Professor Emeritus

Past Courses Taught

Astronomy 110 Birth, Life, and Death of Stars
Astronomy 250 Observational Astronomy
Astronomy 355 Observational Astronomy (Advanced)
Astronomy 575 Astrometry
Astronomy 701 Research Seminar in Astrometry

Research Interests

My main area of research is Astrometry. Research interests in Astrometry at Yale lie primarily in the fields of absolute and relative proper motions , stellar parallaxes, binaries and instrumentation to improve the accuracy of astrometric observations with applications to Star Clusters, Galactic Structure, and Space Astrometry.


Recent Publications

Astrometry for Astrophysics: Methods, Models and Applications; van Altena, W.F, ed.

"Space Velocities of Southern Globular Clusters. V. A Low Galactic Latitude Samples", Casetti-Dinescu, D., I., Girard, T. M., Herrera, D., van Altena, W. F., Lopez, C. E., Castillo, D. J. 2007, AJ 134, 195

"A Deep Proper-Motion Survey in Kapteyn Selected Areas: I. Survey Description and First Results for Stars in the Tidal Tail of Sagittarius and in the Monoceros Ring", Casetti-Dinescu, D. I., Majewski, S. R., Girard, T. M., Carlin, J., L., van Altena, W. F., Patterson, R. J., Law, D. R. 2006, AJ 132, 2082

"Absolute Proper Motion of the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy Candidate", Dinescu, D. I., Martinez-Delgado, D., Girard, T. M., Penarrubia, J., Rix, H-W., Butler, D., van Altena W. F., 2005, ApJ 631, L49

"The Southern Proper Motion Program. III. A Near-Complete Catalog to V=17.5", Girard, T. M., Dinescu, D. I., van Altena, W. F., Platais, I., Monet, D. G., Lopez, C. E. 2004, AJ 127, 3060

"Central Proper-Motion Kinematics of NGC 6752", G.A. Drukier, C. D. Bailyn, W.F. Van Altena, T.M. Girard 2003, AJ, 125, 2559

List of Publications

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