Refereed Publications

Bonning, E. W, Urry, C. M, Bailyn, C, Buxton, M, Chatterjee, R, Coppi, P, Fossati, G, Isler, J, Maraschi, L; SMARTS optical and infrared monitoring of 12 gamma-ray bright blazars; submitted to ApJ 01/2012; 2012arXiv1201.4380B

Chatterjee, R, Bailyn, C, Bonning, E. W, Buxton, M, Coppi, P, Fossati, G, Isler, J, Maraschi, L, Urry, C. M; Similarity of the Optical-IR and Gamma-Ray Time Variability of Fermi Blazars; Submitted to ApJ 10/2011; 2011arXiv1101.3815C

Bonning, E. W, Bailyn, C, Urry, C. M, Buxton, M, Fossati, G, Maraschi, L, Coppi, P, Scalzo, R, Isler, J, Kaptur, A; Correlated Variability in the Blazar 3C 454.3; 2009ApJ...697L..81B

Fermi/SMARTS Use Policy

The data on this site are public, and may be used by other investigators. We ask that you inform our group by email to glast@yale.edu of any use you intend to make of the data, and send copies of any resulting publications, including telegrams. Data should be described as coming from the Yale Fermi/SMARTS project, and a reference to this site should be included.