SMARTS Optical/IR Observations of Fermi Blazars
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Sources are being brought up to date through 2017 07 31!

Last update: 2023-07 is done. More to come!

3C 279
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3C 454.3
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Recalibration of Selected Comparison Stars

The optical magnitudes of the comparison stars for the following fields were previously quoted from the USNOB1 and UCAC4 catalogs.
However, recently we calculated the magnitudes of the comparison stars against photometric standards from the Landolt catalog.
The targets which should have changed are listed below:

0235-618, 0301-243, 0250-225, 0402-362, 0426-380, 0454-234, 0454-46, 0458-02, 0637-75, 0531-4827, 0537-441, 0850-1213, 1004-217, 1144-379, 1244-255, 1514-241, 1622-297, 1717-5156, 1424-41, 2052-474, 2142-75, 2233-148, 2326-502, 2345-1555, 2345-16, 3C446, 3C454.3

Ideally, we will do this procedure for all targets. However, we require many observations of these targets on photometric nights to do this calculation. As a result, it will be a bit longer for our newer targets and targets that are viewed with lower observing cadence.
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