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January 15, 2015: The catalogs including the Herschel PACS (100 and 160 micron) and SPIRE (250, 350, and 500 micron) photometry presented in Bedregal et al. (2015) are posted below for the deblended NMBS catalogs.  The detailed README file is included in the release.

July 18, 2012: The supplemental 2” and 3” color aperture catalogs have been updated.  There was a bug in the right ascension column, and there was some mis-matched IDs to the standard catalogs that resulted from a bug within sextractor.        

May 2, 2012: The star formation rates used by Whitaker et al. 2012b are posted below for the deblended NMBS catalogs.  The SFRs are derived from the IR+UV luminosities, based on MIPS 24 micron photometry and the rest-frame 2800 Angstrom luminosity.  Please note that “upper_limit=1” indicates objects that have upper limits for the derived SFRs and SFR = -99 where no MIPS photometry is available.

The NMBS catalog release includes two versions of the photometric catalogs (the original SExtractor output and a catalog with additional deblending), the photometric redshifts and rest-frame colors from EAZY, and the stellar population synthesis (SPS) parameters from FAST using the Bruzual & Charlot (2003) models.  We also include a README file describing the format of the catalog (.cat), redshift (.zout), rest-frame color (.rf) and SPS (.fout) files, and a DIRECTORY_STRUCTURE file describing all files included in the release.  We additionally make supplemental catalogs available with photometry performed in 2” and 3” diameter apertures, as well as alternative settings for the stellar population modeling.  The full description of the contents and construction of the catalogs can be found in a forthcoming paper by Whitaker et al. 2011 (available for download below).





EAZY Templates:  templates.v5.1.tar.gz




Images obtained as part of the NMBS project are currently available through the NOAO science archive.  The first data release includes the J1, J2, J3, H1 and H2 deep science images and exposure maps, as well as broad-band K.  The AEGIS and COSMOS fields were observed with the Mayall 4-m telescope on Kitt Peak using the NEWFIRM instrument over the 2008A, 2008B and 2009A semesters.  The layout of the NMBS fields can be found here.


The full resolution NMBS data paper is now available for download herePlease cite Whitaker et al. (2011) for any publications using the NMBS data products. As the NMBS catalogs rely on data products from other surveys as well as public software, we encourage you to additionally cite the appropriate publications listed here.

Acknowledgement: “This study makes use of data from the NEWFIRM Medium-Band Survey, a multi-wavelength survey conducted with the NEWFIRM instrument at the KPNO, supported in part by the NSF and NASA.”  

Questions? Please email kate.whitaker @

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Deblended Catalog: aegis-n2.deblend.v5.1.tar.gz

            UV+IR SFRs:

               Herschel:  aegis-n2.deblend.herschel.tar.gz

Original Catalog:  aegis-n2.orig.v5.1.tar.gz

Additional SPS Settings: aegis-n2.sps.v5.1.tar.gz

Supplemental Catalogs:  aegis-n2.aper.v5.2.tar.gz



Deblended Catalog: cosmos-1.deblend.v5.1.tar.gz

            UV+IR SFRs:

               Herschel:  cosmos-1.deblend.herschel.tar.gz

Original Catalog: cosmos-1.orig.v5.1.tar.gz

Additional SPS Settings:  cosmos-1.sps.v5.1.tar.gz

Supplemental Catalogs: cosmos-1.aper.v5.2.tar.gz