Jeremy D. Bradford

About Me

Jeremy D. Bradford I am currently a STEM educator and program manager. My astrophysics research has focused on the baryon content, the kinematics, and the evolution of isolated low-mass galaxies. Check out my research page for more information.

Recent News

May 28, 2018: I have a new paper on the effect of AGN on the neutral hydrogen content of low-mass galaxies.

Jan 11, 2018: I am a co-author on Kareem El-Baldry's new paper on the gas kinematics in simulated FIRE galaxies compared to spatially unresolved neutral hydrogen observations.

Feb 9, 2016: I have a new paper on the uncertainty in measuring the slope of the baryonic Tully-Fisher relation.

Jun 30, 2015: I am a co-author on Greg Stinson's new paper on the constant gas mass of disk galaxies. 

May 19, 2015: I have a new paper on the baryon content of isolated low mass galaxies.