The Hoffleit Centennial: A Year of Celebration

A Symposium Honoring the Centennial Year of
Dorrit Hoffleit

April 28 - 29, 2006
Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A.

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The Yale Astronomy Department is pleased to announce a conference in honor of Dorrit Hoffleit's centennial year. This historic event will consist of sessions highlighting areas of research and education in which Dorrit was primarily involved and we encourage the attendance of all who have known and worked with her throughout her long and illustrious career. 

The conference will be held on Friday April 28 and Saturday morning April 29, 2006 at the New Haven Omni Hotel.

Invited speakers and a few additional speakers will cover the many fields in which she has worked with the balance of the contributions in the form of poster papers. Projection facilities will be available for PowerPoint and overhead projectors. Session topics and confirmed speakers are listed below. The conference proceedings will be published by the L. Davis Press.

Links on this conference web site will lead you to instructions for registering, booking your hotel accommodations and preparing your talk for publication.

Local Organizing Committee

Sue De Long, Yale Univ.
John Fox, Yale Univ.
Anne Giangarra, Yale Univ.
Kim Monocchi, Yale Univ.
Bill van Altena, Yale Univ., Chair
Bob Zinn, Yale Univ.

Dorrit and Astronomy Dept.


Scientific Organizing Committee

Pierre Demarque, Yale Univ
David DeVorkin, Smithsonian Institution
Andrea Dupree, CfA Harvard

Becky Koopmann, Union College
Philip Lu
, Western CT St. Univ.
Dave Philip, Union College
Horace Smith, Michigan St. Univ.
Arthur Upgren, Wesleyan Univ.
Meg Urry, Yale Univ.
Bill van Altena, Yale Univ., Chair
Wayne Warren, Towson St. Univ.
Lee Anne Willson, Iowa St. Univ.