Memo to Participants who are presenting papers

      In this message you will find a template (ldptemp.tex), a style file (ldpdorr.sty) and the plain text file of this instruction (Pub_Instr.txt).

  1. Download these to the directory where you are writing your paper.
  2. Edit the template. Enter the title of your paper in CAPS after \title{ . 
  3. Then enter your name and affiliation in the \author{ and \affil{ spaces. Repeat this format if there are more authors.
  4. The next section is DHfoot where you enter the name of the first author, institution, address 1 and address 2 and the first author's email address in CAPS.
  5.  After \abstract type in your abstract.
  6. Then use \section to start your paper. The \section automatically numbers each section, with the section heading that you type in.
  7. If you have a subsection use \subsection.
  8. If you have a postscipt figure use the \begin{figure}routine.
  9. An explanation of inserting a table is given in the template comments (\begin{table}).
  10. At the end there is the \acknowledgments {section followed by \begin{references}.
  11. Be sure to preserve all the the{ } brackets in the template to avoid compilation problems.
    When you are done, email your file to Also mail a printed version of your paper to me at 1125 Oxford Place, Schenectady, NY 12308.

    You are strongly encouraged to use the template and latex to prepare your paper. However we will accept WordPerfect versions. If you have microsoft word only, when you are done you can save it as a WordPerfect 12 document and then I will be able to print it out. Use font
size 11, right margin = 1.5, left margin = 1, top margin = 1.2, bottom margin 1. These margins will give a page with 52 lines. Email me the *.wpd file and again, send a printed version to me.

The deadline for paper submission is June 30, 2006. When we receive papers we will edit them and then send a copy back to you for your final approval.
The editors are Philip, van Altena and Koopmann.