V1 Public Data Release on MAST

We are pleased to announce the science-ready data release of the completed HDUV Survey. This includes a reduction of science-grade UV images in the GOODS-S and GOODS-N fields at 60mas pixel scale, as well as a first multi-wavelength catalog including the UV photometry.

In particular, we provide background-subtracted, drizzled F275W and F336W images of the complete HDUV survey data in addition to all the CANDELS F275W UV imaging in GOODS-N.

The HDUV release data can be accessed through the HST archive, clicking the button below. The MAST release page also includes all the information on the data reduction procedure.

Note the v1 release above supersedes the v0.5 data release, which was previously available from this webpage.


Raw Data Access

The HST raw data of our survey are public immediately, and can also be accessed through the HST archive.
Raw Data

For more information, please contact us at: hduv.survey[at]gmail.com