Astronomy 725
"Topics in High Energy Astrophysics: Accretion and Jets"

Instructor: Charles Bailyn
WF: 4-5:15, J. W. Gibbs Lab 263.

This is a reading and discussion course on topics related to accretion and outflows from black holes, large and small. Each week will have readings assigned, and participants are asked to submit a discussion topic, and preliminary remarks on that topic, by noon on Wednesday. Students taking the course for a grade will also complete two brief reviews of recent papers.

("FKR" refers to the textbook "Accretion Power in Astrophysics" by Frank, King & Raine)

note that we will have classes during Reading Period

Part 1: Accretion

Jan 26-28: Basic physics and the Eddington limit Feb 2-4: Binary Evolution Feb 9-11: Accretion Disks Feb 16-18: Observing Disks Feb 23-25: ADAFs Feb 28, Mar 4: Variability (additional readings TBD) Spring Break!

Mar 25-27: Spectral States

Part 2: Jets

Mar 30 - Apr 1: AGN Unification

Apr 6-8: Galactic Microquasars Apr 13: No Class

Apr 15: Jet Physics I:

Apr 18-20-22: Jet Physics II: Apr 27-29: Collimation Mechanisms