SMARTS 1.3m Telescope


Picture taken by Fred Walter

General Information

Applying and Observing
Problem Observing Landolt PG1323
Neutral Density Filters
Information on Queue Software

SMARTS 1.3m Telescope Links:

ANDICAM Resources
SMARTS Consortium 1.3m Website

Operational Information

Telescope Operator Instructions
Optical Processing Procedure


Nightly Observing Logs
Nightly Observing Reports
Daily Processing Reports
Photometric Standards and Measurements Record

1.3m Telescope Schedules

1.3m Usage Summaries

2004B Usage
2005A Usage
2005B Usage
2006A Usage
2006B Usage

NOTE: The 1.3m has been removed from the CTIO exposure time calculator. The values obtained using this calculator were found to be too optimistic by several orders of magnitude. Please estimate you exposure times using the values found at the ANDICAM detector website (here).