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Terry Girard

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Research Interests

My time and interests are split between a number of astrometric projects:

  • the Southern Proper Motion (SPM) program, which is a southern-sky absolute proper-motion survey,
  • the determination of absolute motions/orbits of Milky Way globular clusters and satellite systems,
  • HST-based measurement of the internal velocity distribution within globular clusters,
  • CCD observations of southern NEO minor planets,
  • precise measurement/monitoring of the solar radius with the SDS instrument,
  • particpation in a SIM key project to calibrate the Pop II age and distance scales.

Recent Publications

"Space Velocities of Southern Globular Clusters. V. A Low Galactic Latitude Sample", Casetti-Dinescu, D., I., Girard, T. M., Herrera, D., van Altena, W. F., Lopez, C. E., Castillo, D. J. 2007, AJ 134, 195

"A Deep Proper-Motion Survey in Kapteyn Selected Areas: I. Survey Description and First Results for Stars in the Tidal Tail of Sagittarius and in the Monoceros Ring", Casetti-Dinescu, D. I., Majewski, S. R., Girard, T. M., Carlin, J., L., van Altena, W. F., Patterson, R. J., Law, D. R. 2006, AJ 132, 2082

"Absolute Proper Motion of the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy Candidate", Dinescu, D. I., Martinez-Delgado, D., Girard, T. M., Penarrubia, J., Rix, H-W., Butler, D., van Altena W. F., 2005, ApJ 631, L49

"Absolute Proper Motion of the Fornax Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy from Photographic and HST-WFPC2 Data", Dinescu, D. I., Keeney, B. A., Majewski, S. R., Girard, T. M. 2004, AJ 128, 687

"The Southern Proper Motion Program. III. A Near-Complete Catalog to V=17.5", Girard, T. M., Dinescu, D. I., van Altena, W. F., Platais, I., Monet, D. G., Lopez, C. E. 2004, AJ 127, 3060

"Central Proper-Motion Kinematics of NGC 6752", G.A. Drukier, C. D. Bailyn, W.F. Van Altena, T.M. Girard 2003, AJ, 125, 2559

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