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Richard B. Larson

Professor Emeritus of Astronomy

Past Courses Taught

Astronomy 310: Galactic and Extragalactic Astronomy
Astronomy 360/560: Interstellar Matter and Star Formation
Astronomy 710: Professional Seminar

Research Interests

I have been interested in many aspects of star formation and in the formation and evolution of galaxies. Some of my recent interests have included the origin of the stellar initial mass function and the formation of the first stars in the universe. More information can be found on my web page.


Recent Publications

“Hayashi and the Thermal Physics of Star-Forming Clouds”, R. B. Larson, 2012, in First Stars IV — From Hayashi to the Future, eds M. Umemura & K. Omukai, AIP Conference Proceedings 1480, p. 38  (PDF)  (PPT)

“Historical Perspective on Computational Star Formation”, R. B. Larson, 2011, in IAU Symposium 270, Computational Star Formation, eds J. Alves, B. G. Elmegreen, J. M. Girart, & V. Trimble, Cambridge Univ. Press, p. 1 (PDF

“The Role of Column Density in the Formation of Stars and Black Holes”, R. B. Larson, 2010, in Nature Physics, Vol. 6, p. 96  (PDF)

“Angular Momentum and the Formation of Stars and Black Holes”, R. B. Larson, 2010, in Reports on Progress in Physics, Vol. 73, 014901  (PDF)  (PPT)

“Stability of Galactic Gas Disks and the Formation of Massive Clusters”, A. Escala & R. B. Larson, 2008, in Astrophysical Journal Letters, Vol. 685, p. L31 (PDF)

“The Origin of the Initial Mass Function”, I. A. Bonnell, R. B. Larson, & H. Zinnecker, 2007, in Protostars and Planets V, eds B. Reipurth, D. Jewitt, & K. Keil, Univ. of Arizona Press, p. 149 (PDF)


List of Publications

PDF versions of all papers since 1992

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