Pierre Demarque

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Pierre Demarque

Munson Professor Emeritus of Natural Philosophy and Astronomy

Research Interests

Stellar structure, seismology, convection simulations, stellar evolution and applications to stellar populations.  More information can be found on my personal web page.

YONSEI-YALE ISOCHRONES are available here  and on  my personal web page.

Recent Publications

"Asteroseismic diagnostics of stellar convective cores", Mazumdar, A., Basu, S., Collier, B.L., & Demarque, P. 2006, MNRAS, 1010

"Space and Ground Based Pulsation Data of Eta Bootis Explained with Stellar Models Including Turbulence", Straka, C. W., Demarque, P., Guenther, D. B., Li, L., Robinson, F.J. 2006, ApJ, 636, 1078

"Core Overshoot: An Improved Treatment and Constraints from Seismic Data", Straka, C. W., Demarque, P., Guenther, D. B. 2005, ApJ, 629, 1075

"The Y2 Stellar Evolutionary Tracks", Yi, S., Kim, Y. -C., Demarque, P. 2003 ApJS, 144, 259

"Three-dimensional convection simulations of the outer layers of the Sun using realistic physics", Robinson, F.J., Demarque, P., Li, L.H., Sofia, S., Kim, Y.-C., Chan, K.L., Guenther, D.B. , 2003 MNRAS, 340, 923

List of Publications

For the YONSEI-YALE Isochrones and for other publications, please see Research Interests above or click on my Personal Website

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