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Meg Urry

Israel Munson Prof Physics & Astronomy, Dir Yale Center Astronomy & Astrophysics; Chn Physics

Past Courses Taught

Astronomy 343: Gravity, Astrophysics, and Cosmology

Research Interests

I study actively accreting supermassive black holes, also known as Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN), and the co-evolution of these black holes with normal galaxies.


Recent Publications

"The Multiwavelength Survey by Yale Chile: Survey Design and Deep Public UBVRIz' Images and Catalogs of the Extended Hubble Deep Field South", Gawiser et al. 2006, ApJS 162, 1

"The Extended Chandra Deep Field South Survey: X-ray Point-Source Catalog", Virani, Treister, Urry, and Gawiser, 2006, AJ 131, 2373

"AGN Unification and the X-ray Background", Treister and Urry, 2005, ApJ, 630, 115

"The Calan-Yale Deep Extragalactic Research Survey: Optical Properties and Deep Spectroscopy of Serendipitous X-ray Sources", 2005, ApJ, 621, 104

"Obscured Active Galactic Nuclei and the X-Ray, Optical, and Far-Infrared Number Counts of AGN in the GOODS Fields", 2004, ApJ, 616, 123

"Extended X-ray-Optical-Radio Jet of PKS 2201+044", Urry, C.M., Van Duyne, J., Kubota, A., Cheung, C., Tavecchio, F., Maraschi, L. ApJ, in preparation, 2004

"The Independence of AGN Black Hole Mass and Radio-Loudnesss", Woo, J.-H., Urry, C. M. 2002, ApJL, 581, 5

"AGN Black Hole Masses and Bolometric Luminosities", Woo, J.-H., Urry, C. M. 2002, ApJ, 579, 530

List of Publications

A complete publication list (updated June 2007), with on-line abstracts and in most cases full papers, courtesy of ADS.

A list of the past year's preprints is also available, courtesy of the arXiv e-print archive. ?

Curriculum Vitae

Download PDF file cv_urry.pdf

Image Credits: (header) Michelle Buxton

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