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Frank Robinson

Research Scientist Geology & Geophysics; Assistant in Instruction Astronomy

Research Interests

I am an applied mathematician interested in numerical simulations of the Sun, Sun-like stars, the Earth's atmosphere and laboratory convection experiments.

Recent Publications

"On the effects of coherent structures on higher order moments in models of solar and stellar surface convection", Kupka, F. & Robinson, F.J. MNRAS 374,305 (2007)

"On Dissipation inside Turbulent Convection Zones from 3D Simulations of Solar Convection", Penev, K., Sasselov, D., Robinson, F. & Demarque, P. ApJ 655, 1166 (2007)

"Resonant Response of Deep Convection to Surface Hot Spots", Robinson, F., Sherwood, S. & Li, Y. In press, to appear in JAS in 2007

"Modeling the Impact of Convective Entrainment on the Tropical Tropopause", Robinson, F.J. & Sherwood, S.C. JAS 63, 1013 (2006)

"Simulating the Outer Layers of Procyon A: a Comparison with the Sun", Robinson, F.J., Demarque, P., Guenther, D.B., Kim, Y.-C. & Chan, K.L. MNRAS 362, 1031 (2006)

"Non-Boussinesq Simulations of Rayleigh-Benard Convection in a Perfect Gas", Robinson, F.J. & Chan, K.L. Phys. Fluids 16 (5), 1321 (2004)

"3d Simulations of the Upper Radiation-Convection Transition layer in Subgiant Stars", Robinson, F.J., Demarque, P., Li, L.H., Sofia, S., Kim, Y.-C., Chan, K.L. & Guenther, D.B. Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 347, 1208 (2004)

"A Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Compressible Convection: Differential Rotation in the Solar Convectrion Zone", Robinson, F.J. & Chan, K.L. MNRAS 321, 723 (2001) (Astro 360/560)

List of Publications

A list of most my astronomy and physics papers, along with some conference proceedings, is available via the ADS database.

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