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Dana Casetti

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Research Interests

Galactic structure, kinematics, stellar clusters, proper-motion surveys, astrometry.

Recent Publications

"Constraints on the Magellanic Clouds' Interaction from the Distribution of OB Stars and the Kinematics of Giants" 2012, ApJ 753, 123 - Casetti-Dinescu, D. I., Vieira, K., Girard, T. M., van Altena, W. F. 

"The Three-dimensional Velocity Structure of the Thick Disk from SPM4 and RAVE DR2" 2011, ApJ 728, 7 - Casetti-Dinescu, D. I., Girard, T. M., Korchagin, V. I., van Altena, W. F.

"Detection of a Stellar Stream Behind Open Cluster NGC 188: Another Part of the Monoceros Stream" 2010, AJ 140, 1282 - Casetti-Dinescu, D. I., Girard, T. M., Platais, I., van Altena, W. F.

"Proper Motions in Kapteyn Selected Area 103: A Preliminary Orbit for the Virgo Stellar Stream" 2009, ApJ 701, L29 - Casetti-Dinescu, D. I.; Girard, T. M., Majewski, S. R., Vivas, A. K., Wilhelm, R., Carlin, J. L.; Beers, T. C.; van Altena, W. F.

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