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09.18.2014 | Planet Hunters v2.0 now online
A team, led by Professor Debra Fischer, has just released Planet Hunters v2.0, a new version of their previous successful “Zooniverse” site, which allows the public to assist in searching data from NASA’s Kepler spacecraft for potential planet candidates. Version 1 has already discovered a large number of planet candidates as well as confirmed several planets, with the assistance of nearly 300,000 volunteers from all around the world. The project continues with the aim to derive planet occurrence rates as a function of spectral type, and will include data from NASA’s second generation Kepler spacecraft, K2...
09.11.2014 | YCAA Postdoctoral Prize Fellowship Invites Applications
The Yale Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics invites applications for the YCAA Postdoctoral Prize Fellowship in Astronomy and Astrophysics, to be awarded to a young scientist of exceptional ability who will have received her/his Ph.D. by June 2014 in observational, theoretical, or experimental astronomy or astrophysics/cosmology. The Fellowship is for three years (renewed annually subject to performance), and offers competitive salary, benefits, and research funds. For more information, and to apply please see the Academic Jobs Online listing.
08.27.2014 | Yale scientists see the birth of a massive galaxy, hidden by dust
Graduate student Erica Nelson and her collaborators have discovered a window into the early, violent formation of the cores of the universe’s monster galaxies, obscured behind walls of dust, using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope and a telescope from the W.M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii. The discovery offers important clues about an early phase of galaxy development, from a time just 3 billion years after the Big Bang. The research appears in the journal Nature.
08.07.2014 | How do you feed a hungry quasar? With a ‘super boost,’ scientists say
“The first black holes are believed to be remnants left behind after the first stars burned out completely,” said Priyamvada Natarajan, a Yale University professor of astronomy and physics. “The puzzle has been how these ‘seed’ black holes grew into the monsters that we now see within the time available, a few billion years at best.”
Priya Natarajan
07.31.2014 | Yale Researcher Helps Find Most-distant ‘Spyglass In Space’
Yale postdoctoral researcher Ivelina Momcheva says she can see clusters of young stars being formed in distant galaxies.
07.17.2014 | Charting the heavens like never before, via Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Yale University scientists are involved all of the major aspects of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, an initiative that spans four continents and includes 200 astronomers at more than 40 institutions. They will chart thousands of nearby galaxies, probe the composition of stars throughout the Milky Way with novel clarity, and measure the expansion of the universe during a particularly murky period.
07.11.2014 | Yale astronomers find seven galaxies using camera lenses
The astronomy project, using eight telephoto lenses lashed together, turned up seven new galaxies, but so far it’s unknown how far away they are. That’s why the scientists have rented time on the giant space-based Hubble telescope “to see if Hubble can find individual stars in the galaxies,” he said. That will tell them how far away the galaxies are. It’s a difficult task because the galaxies are all diffuse in nature.
05.20.2014 | Liang Yu, '14 B.S. has been awarded the Beckwith Prize from the Astronomy Department.
The prize is awarded to the undergraduate most proficient in some branch of astronomy or mathematics. In addition to the Beckwith Prize, Liang also was awarded Exceptional Distinction in the Major. Congratulations Liang!
05.13.2014 | Diamond planets may be more common than astronomers thought
Carbon-rich planets may be more common than previously thought, according to new research by Yale University astronomers.
04.01.2014 | Congratulations Jeremy Bradford on being awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!
2014 NSF GRFP Competition Results Announced!
03.24.2014 | Hoffleit Undergraduate Research Scholars
The Astronomy department at Yale is pleased to announce the inaugural Hoffleit Undergraduate Research Scholars have been announced.
03.09.2014 | ALMA study by Yale astronomer Hector Arce is featured in CBS show “60 minutes” report on ALMA.
The prestigious news program “60 Minutes” aired a segment on the Atacama Large Millimeter/sub-millimeter Array (ALMA). Data obtained by Yale astronomy professor Héctor Arce using this powerful new telescope was prominently featured in this report.
02.14.2014 | Emily Sandford is Awarded the American Astronomical Society Chambliss Student Poster Award
Emily's poster, entitled "Machine Learning Identification of Dwarf Galaxy Satellites around Milky Way Analogs," describes her work as a STARS II fellow in the lab of Professor Marla Geha in the Yale Department of Astronomy.
01.08.2014 | Alive and well inside dwarf galaxies: massive black holes
Yale astronomer Marla Geha and collaborators have identified more than 100 dwarf galaxies that show signs of hosting massive black holes, a discovery that challenges the idea that they exist only in much bigger galaxies.
01.07.2014 | Tiny (but ultra bright) quartet of ancient galaxies takes astronomers by surprise
“We were surprised and delighted to find them,” said Pascal Oesch, a postdoctoral fellow at Yale and first author of the related research paper. “This means that galaxies were growing faster in the early universe than we had previously thought.”

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09.18.2014 | Planet Hunters v2.0 now online

09.11.2014 | YCAA Postdoctoral Prize Fellowship Invites Applications

08.27.2014 | Yale scientists see the birth of a massive galaxy, hidden by dust

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12.03.2013 | Megan Urry is one of five Yale scholars named as a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

11.14.2013 | Hubble Reveals First Pictures of Milky Way's Formative Years

10.23.2013 | Astrophysics advance explanation for star formation

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11.28.2012 | Astrometry for Astrophysics: Methods, Models, and Applications by William F. van Altena , Yale Professor Emeritus

11.16.2012 | Google Uses Yale's Bright Star Catalog for its 100,000 Stars Project

11.09.2012 | Frontiers in Star Formation conference held at Yale

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12.01.2011 | Yale discovery of ‘young’ supermassive black holes challenges current theory

10.27.2011 | Profs scour Hawaiian sky

09.23.2011 | 6 planets announced by the Yale Exoplanet Group

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12.20.2010 | Priyamvada Natarajan Elected A Fellow of the American Physical Society

12.20.2010 | Named One of the Best NASA Photos of the Year by The New Yorker : Priyamvada Natarajan et al.

12.16.2010 | Citizen Scientists Join Search for Earth-like Planets

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10.21.2009 | Popular Science just named Marla Geha one of its “Brilliant 10"

10.02.2009 | Two Day Workshop Devoted to Yale/WIYN One Degree Image Survey

09.08.2009 | YCAA Postdoctoral Prize Fellowship

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12.12.2008 | New Planetarium at Yale Opens with Weekly Shows and Classes

10.07.2008 | Big Galaxy Collisions Can Stunt Star Formation

09.18.2008 | Astronomers Discover Most Dark Matter-Dominated Galaxy in Universe

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04.09.2007 | E. Dorrit Hoffleit

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