A530 Galaxies: Class Tools

General Tools

Model of the Milky Way
Besancon model of the Galaxy - This web tool will simulate a sample of stars belonging to the Milky Way (including their colors, magnitudes, and velocities) for an input direction and area of observation.

Stellar Isochrones
Darthmouth Stellar Evolution Database - This web tool presents a stellar evolution database in a user friendly way. Created by Aaron Dotter while a graduate student at Dartmouth, this is a one-stop shop for both synthetic and empirical isochrones and stellar luminosity functions. These can be generated at a wide range of ages, [Fe/H], [alpha/Fe] in just about any filter you could want. This paper describes the database in detail.

Related to SDSS
SDSS - the Sloan Digital Sky Survey project.
SDSS DR6 Image ServerDownload images (jpeg or fits).