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ASTR 255 / PHYS 295: This course serves as the foundation for the Yale Astrophysics major. The class goal is to prepare students for professional research in astrophysics. The course will cover methods for astronomical data aquisition and analysis using the Python computing language. See the class schedule for more details. Problem sets will use data from on-going astrophysics research programs at Yale.

Prerequisites: A strong background in high-school math and physics is essential; experience with statistics and computer programming will be helpful, but is not required.

Textbook: Strongly recommended, but not required is the textbook "An Introduction to Observational Astrophysics" by M. Gallaway. This book covers most of the technical aspects of the course and readings will be recommended from this text. The text will be supplemented by a variety of handouts and online resources.

Canvas The course materials will be entirely available on Yale Canvas.

Class meets Mon/Wed/Fri 3:30-4:20pm
Professor Marla Geha

Home | Syllabus | Class Policies | Computing Resources | Problem Sets