Research Interests of Richard B. Larson :

    I have been interested in trying to understand many aspects of star
, as well as related problems of galaxy formation and the evolution
of galaxies.  A good idea of the range of my research interests can be obtained
by looking at a list of my recent publications.

    A problem that has interested me for many years is that of understanding
the distribution of masses with which stars are formed, or the stellar initial
mass function (IMF)
, which is of central interest in many areas of astrophysics.
Several papers and reviews on this subject are listed here.  An aspect of current
interest concerns early star formation and the question of whether the stars
formed at early times were relatively massive. Some papers on this subject
are listed here.

    Most, if not all, stars form in binary or multiple systems or clusters,
and an understanding of the formation of these systems is essential for
understanding star formation and the origin of the IMF.  Interactions in
such systems may play an important role in star formation by redistributing
angular momentum and driving accretion.  Some papers on these topics
are listed here.  A number of broader reviews on star formation are
listed here.

    The problems of galaxy formation and star formation are closely related,
and I have also been interested in the formation of galaxies and of their
central black holes and globular cluster systems. A number of papers and
reviews on these subjects are listed here.