9:00-10:00      Breakfast, check-in, set up posters


10:00-10:15    News


10:15-11:15    AGN at high energy


10:15-10:45     Keynote 1: Reshmi Mukherjee, Barnard College

                        TeV Blazars: A view from VERITAS


10:45-10:55     Manel Errando, Columbia

                        New results from quasar observations in the GeV band


10:55-11:05     Alan Marscher, BU

                        Rapid Multi-waveband variability in blazars from turbulent jets


11:15-11:45    Coffee break and poster session


11:45-12:45    Updates on individual sources


11:45-11:55     Svetlana Jorstad , BU

Kinematics of the Parsec-Scale Jet of the Quasar 3C454.3 during a Gamma-ray outburst in December 2009


11:55-12:05     Herman Marshall, MIT

The Jet in Pictor A: X-ray Variability and HST Observations


12:05-12:15     Dave Roberts, Brandeis

Structure and Magnetic Fields in the Kpc jet of 3C 345


12:15-12:25     Junfeng Wang, CfA

Chandra Views it All: A Photoionized Bi-conical Outflow, a Frustrated Radio Jet, and a Leaky Torus in NGC 4151


12:25-12:35     John Wardle, Brandeis

On the Nature of the microquasar GRS 1915+105: Clues from Radio Polarization Imaging




12:45 – 2:00   Lunch at the Leitner Family Planetarium




2:00-3:00        Black holes from z~0 and up          


2:00-2:30         Keynote 2: Ed Moran, Wesleyan

                        Intermediate-mass black holes in the Milky Way's backyard


2:30-2:40         Brooke Simmons, Yale       

Investigating the Slow-Growth AGN Phase at z ~ 1


2:40-2:50         Charles Steinhardt, IPMU

                        Broad [OIII] Emission in SDSS Quasars


3:00-3:30        Coffee break + poster session


3:30-4:15        Hot dust, outflows, and absorption


3:30-3: 40        Dan Evans , CfA/Elon University      

Spatially resolved outflows in AGN


3:40-3:50         Michael Malmrose, BU          

The Detection of Hot Dust in the Infrared Spectra of Gamma-Ray Blazars


3:50-4:00         Andrea Marinucci, CfA      

X-ray Absorption Variability In NGC 4507


4:00-4:10         Emanuele Nardini, CfA          

X-ray absorption variability in NGC 4395


4:15-4:45        Coffee break + poster session


4:45-5:45        Large Sample/Statistics


4:45-4:55         Carie Cardamone, MIT

Galaxy Zoo: The Connection between AGN Activity and bars in the late type galaxies


4:55-5:05         Suchetana Chatterjee, Yale     

The Halo Occupation Distribution of Active Galactic Nuclei


5:05-5:15         Eilat Glikman, Yale         

The reddest quasars: a transitional phase in quasar/galaxy co-evolution


5:15-5:25         Britt Lundgren, Yale           

SDSS-III BOSS quasar sample



5:30 – 7:00      Reception