The YALO organizing committee on-site at CTIO. From left, Darren Depoy (OSU), Charles Bailyn (Yale), Rene Mendez (CTIO), Rui Agostinho (Lisbon).

The YALO consortium consists of astronomers at

Yale University
Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA)
Lisbon University, Portugal
Ohio State University

YALO operates the Yale 1m telescope at the Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory. The basic time distribution is 30% for each of the universities, and 10% for the US national community distributed through NOAO. Recently, NOAO has acquired some of OSU's share in exchange for an IR detector. For details of the time distribution, and how to apply for community time, click here. Phase II information for accepted proposals can be found here.

Permanently mounted on the telescope is the ANDICAM instrument, constructed by the Ohio State astronomical instrumentation group. This instrument provides simultaneous optical and infrared imaging of the same part of the sky, by using a dichroic with a CCD and a HgCdTe array. A movable mirror allows dithering in the IR while an optical exposure is going on.

YALO operates a queue, in which a queue manager from one of the universities sends instructions to an on-site observer every day. Since the queue can be modified daily, it is ideal for long-term monitoring programs, and Targets of Opportunity. Among the science programs currently being carried out by Yale astronomers at YALO are

  • optical monitoring of black hole candidates and other soft X-ray transients
  • follow-up of sources found by QUEST

    OSU is using YALO as one node in the PLANET microlensing network, and information about Lisbon-based YALO projects can be found here.

    Publications using YALO data obtained during Yale's time include: